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Baby Pram Sleeping Bag

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We are very excited to to bring our Baby Pram Sleeping Bag to all the parents all over the globe. This product is suitable for babies between 1 and 3 years old. Our solid colour sleeping bag is made in cocoon style from cotton blend fabric and cashmere cotton for filler. Our multifunctional pram sleeping can be detached from pram and easily carried around. This windproof and waterproof sleeping bag is easy to take care of, you can machine wash this sleeping bag. 


Comfortable and Warm

Our extra soft sleeping bag will keep your baby safe from cold and keep the baby warm. You don not need to worry about going out with your baby under cold temperature. Your little one will be warm and comfortable inside out sleeping bag like a mother's womb, feeling strong sense of peace of mind. 

Easy to Take Care

Parents do not need to worry about cleaning the sleeping bag. Our Pram Sleeping Bag is specially designed to  easily be  disassembled and it is Machine Washable.  


Safety Measure

Babies need to feel warm, comfortable and warm inside our pram sleeping bag. So, keeping safety in mind, this sleeping bag has been made with 6 safety holes to adjust the baby seat properly. The sleeping bag also includes Four-ways opening and closing for easy diaper change. 

Spread Happiness

Our multifunctional pram sleeping bag is easy to disassemble from baby's pram and carry around and your baby don't need to feel cold outside. 




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