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  • Small size, easy to carry and operate
  • High quality antibacterial material, FDA approved
  • Big capacity, enough for outdoor walking, hikes, travel.
  • Suitable for dogs in any sizes
  • Closed leak proof design. 
  • Best drinking experience for dogs. 


About The Bottle

This product is made of environmentally friendly food grade ABS+PC material, so the surface is bright and clean. It's also high temperature resistant, which can be used for a very long time. Each component can be disassembled and used independently. It is easy to clean, and each part can be directly rinsed with water and easy to wipe off.



Dog Food Box Design

A portable dog food box is designed under the drinking cup, which can carry dog snacks. The dog food can be accessed by directly rotating and unscrewing. The operation is simple and the dog can enjoy the food at any time.


Drinking Water Design 

This satisfied ergonomics multifunctional water bottle. it's convenient for one-handed operation, also makes easier for the owner to feed pet water and make sure it does not leak when inverted in 360°. Designed with lanyard on the top, which is also easy to carry.  With 300ml  or 500ml water capacity and O-shaped drinking trough design, so it's more suitable for dog's oral structure, and also can prevent water from spilling.



The function of garbage storage

There are some portable garbage bags at the end of the cup, just pull it off gently if you need it, which is convenient and fast.


Poop Shovel

Comes with a poop shovel, which is stuck on the cup when not in use. Just remove it from the cup if you need it, put on a garbage bag, which is safe and hygienic, and will not pollute the environment.



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Drinking Water Design